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Looking for a professional industrial chain manufacturer and reliable chains? Welcome to Yitong Chain! We are capable of producing more than 300 varieties and specifications of steel chain products, including welded steel chains, weldless steel chains, stainless steel chains, etc. In addition to heavy duty chains for industrial purposes, we also supply dog chains and plastic chains for light duty purposes. Our premium steel chains and plastic chains for sale, such as marine chain, hoist chains, galvanized chain, etc., can be widely applied to fence, marine, lifting machine, construction, decoration, anti-skid, etc. Our superior industrial chains of British standard, American standard, German standard, Australian standard, Norwegian Standard, etc. have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Possessing strong technical power, mature quality control system and professional sales network, we can always offer highly competitive industrial steel chain solutions to you. Additionally, having reasonable price and superior quality, our welded chains, weldless chains and more have increasingly gained recognition and popularity among customers all over the world. We are sincerely looking forward for your contact and cooperation!

    1. Mild Steel ChainOur mild steel welded chains manufactured according British Standard have extensive ranges and sizes to meet your needs. This kind of mild steel chain includes short link chain, medium link chain and long link chain, which are all of high quality and reliable performance. If you are interested in our welded steel chains, please contact us and know more!
    1. Welded Steel Chain, NACM1996/2003/2010 StandardFeaturing reliable quality, high strength and outstanding wear resistance, our American Standard welded steel chain has a wide range of application. Our superior industrial chains include grade 30 proof coil chain, grade 43 high test chain, grade 70 transport chain, grade 80 alloy chain and grade 100 alloy chain.
    1. Grade 80 Lifting ChainOur grade 80 lifting chain is specially designed and manufactured for superior performance and usage. It is made from high quality alloy steel with heat treatment and proof test, which make the hoist chain tougher and more reliable for lifting applications.
    1. Lashing Chain, G80This welded chain is made from alloy steel and is widely used for fixing and binding purposes during log transportation. In addition to that, the binding chain can also be cut into small short segments and then installed with hooks or shackles for other special purposes, but not for overload lifting.
    1. Welded Steel Chain
      (German Standard)
      The DIN5685C standard welded steel chain is a great choice for use in home and farms. It can be used for guard rail or other applications. This long link chain is made of carbon steel with it surface electro-galvanized or treated as your requirements.
    1. Knotted Steel ChainThe DIN5686 knotted steel chain is available with the diameter ranging from 1.4 to 5 mm. The breaking load ranges from 16kg to 190kg. For more details about the knotted steel chain, please check the parameter table or just contact us.
    1. Dog ChainParticularly designed for pet, our dog chain has beautiful appearance and is easy to be cleaned. Having been pre-stretched, our pet chain has good strength, stable performance and excellent durability. Our steel chain for animal is durable enough for tethering cats and dogs for a walk or training animals.
    1. Plastic ChainFeaturing light weight and quick assembly, our portable plastic chain can be set up easily wherever barriers are required. For instance, our plastic barrier chain can be ideally applied to the crowd control and queue management system in fetes, factories, airports, etc. We have a variety of plastic chains for sale, such as the ornamental spiked chain ...
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    1. We will pay for all the costs incurred by our chains' quality problem. As to the problems and costs incurred by customers' improper use, we will charge customers for the repair fees according to the actual situation while ensuring their satisfaction.
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  • Applications
    1. We provide superior fence chain applied to the periphery of the building, both sides of the sidewalk and platform, the interior of house, etc. Familiar to us, fences constructed using steel poles and steel chains can be commonly seen when we are walking down the street or road.
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